Promotions Ice Wave

In Ice Wave we always think in our customers. Therefore, we continually have several promotions which benefit you when it comes to enjoying our products.

These promotions can be found in the highlights of our Instagram account (icewave_es). Some are always active, while others are limited in time. The highlighted stories that appear in yellow are active and you can recognize them by the name of each promotion. For example, 2×1. On the other hand, the limited time promotions are the highlighted stories that appear in pink, recognized by the name of “Special Promotion” and the expiration date in the lower part.

Thanks to these promotions you can get a free Mixing, a 2×1 in any product, 1 mini Volcano for 1€, etc.

How are our promotions exchanged?

To get the code of our promotions, you will have to follow the following steps:

  1. Follow us in our Instragram account: icewave_es
  2. Depending on each promotion, you will have you to:
    – Take a picture of an Ice Wave product
    – Take a screenshot of the second story which appears in the promotion of the highlights of our account.
  3. Tag two friends and icewave_es
  4. Add a #hashtag if it is a promotion requirement.
  5. Upload the image to your own story.

In the following links you will find all instagram accounts of Ice Wave.

Instagram Spain Instagram Portugal Instagram Slovenia


Next we will show you an example of promotion: