At Ice Wave we use only natural ingredients, well-known biscuits and chocolates to make an innovative and delicious product. Our characteristic products are ice creams and crepes. Both are made at the time of order and in front of the customer. This way of working shows transparency and sincerity to the customer.

Ice Cream

Do you remember the last time you were surprised? Well, this is what we do through the ice cream show day in day out.

This show cooking consists of elaborate ice cream over a freezing pan. During the process, all the ingredients are mixed with one of the two bases that we offer to our customers, at their choice between, Italian base, creamier and without yogurt flavor or 0% Greek base, with skimmed milk. Once the texture is perfect, we spread the mixture out to roll the product and this is where the ice cream waves are created. The last part of this magical process is adding some topping to the product.

You can choose between three sizes, Mini Wave (1 mixing + 1 Topping), Perfect Wave (2 Mixings + 1 Topping) or Tsunami (3 Mixings + 1 Topping).

Ice Wave elaboration process


We are delighted to introduce you to the Volcano, our hot product. This perfectly complements ice cream sales. Our hot crepe is an explosion of taste.

The Crepe’s base is sweeter than traditional ones. They are exclusively made for each person, combing with our mixings and toppings. Crepes are rolled with a design that will remind you of a volcano and it is completed with mixings chosen by the customers. The cream is added at the end of the mixture. Using the volcano shape makes eating easier, the customers don’t need to use cutlery!

We’ve got two sizes: Minivolcano (1 Mixing + 1 Topping) and Volcano (2 Mixings + 1 Topping).

Volcano elaboration process


Choose two mixings from the whole variety. These will be mixed with our personalized base to create an incredible flavor that you can enjoy the whole year.

Ice Wave Smoothie

Natural Slush

Choose two fruits, and get ready to enjoy your natural slush. This option is perfect for everybody (intoilerant to lactose or gluten) and want to refresh enjoying a slush made with fresh fruit.

Ice Wave Slush


We present our new flagship product, the Islander.
It’s an ensaimada stuffed with ice cream, we offer a hot product
outside and cold inside. It’s a perfect combination of our fantastic
ice cream made at the moment, with a delicious ensaimada
heated to 200º just before serving it to the customer.

Islander - Ensaimada con helado


Mixings & toppings

Mixings are the ingredients that we mash and mix with the base of the ice cream and with the crepe. The mixings give the flavour to all our products.









Ferrero Rocher ®

Kinder Bueno ®

KitKat ®

Filipinos ®

Oreo ®

Huesitos ®

On the other hand, the toppings, are the ingredients that are placed on the top of the ice cream once it is finished.

Nutella ®

Sprated milk

Grated coconut


Dark chocolate

White chocolate


Berry sauce